Charged with a Third Degree Indictable Offense in Mercer County?

3rd Degree Felony Penalties in NJ

Have you been arrested and charged with a third degree indictable offense in Mercer County? Was it in Trenton? West Windsor? Hamilton? Princeton? Ewing? If so, we strongly urge that you speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible about your options. It is important to understand that indictable offenses are New Jersey’s version of a felony. They are broken down into four different degrees: first, second, third and fourth, with a first degree being the most serious. As you will see below, the potential sentence for anyone convicted of a third degree indictable offense in New Jersey can be life altering. If you have bee charged with aggravated assault, possession of heroin, terroristic threats, shoplifting, distribution of cocaine, burglary or any other offense in Mercer County, Proetta, Oliver & Fay can help. If you would like to set up a free initial consultation with one of our Mercer County criminal defense attorneys today, please contact our Hamilton office at 609-789-0779 or you can try contacting us online. Read More