First Degree Felony Charge in Mercer County

First Degree Felony Lawyer in Mercer County

Being placed under arrest and formally charged with a criminal offense can be absolutely terrifying. Those thoughts will only be exacerbated if the individual has been charged with a first degree felony. A first degree charge is the highest degree of a felony under the New Jersey criminal code. The minimum term of incarceration that an individual can receive is ten (10) years in a New Jersey State Prison. It should go with out saying, that if you or a loved one has been charged with a first degree crime like aggravated sexual assault, armed robbery, drug distribution, murder or leader of a drug trafficking network in Mercer County or elsewhere in New Jersey, we strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney immediately about your options. As you will see below, even obtaining bail, which will allow for the individual to be released from jail pending trial, can be complicated and more likely than not, will required a formal hearing. If you would like to set up a free initial consultation today with one of the Mercer County criminal defense attorneys at Proetta, Oliver & Fay, then please contact our office at 609-789-0779. Our attorneys serve all of Mercer County, including Trenton, Hightstown, Robbinsville, West Windsor, Ewing and Princeton. Now here is some information on First Degree Felony in New Jersey.

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