Crack Cocaine & Heroin Seized in Trenton, New Jersey

A forty-nine year old male and a thirty-four year old female were arrested on drug charges this weekend in Trenton. According to the reports, the detectives from the Street Crimes Unit were paroling the 300 Block of Academy Street when they noticed the two Defendants parked in a car acting, as they claim, “suspiciously”. It is unclear at this point in time what the suspicious activity actually. While conducting their investigation and speaking to the Defendants they claim that the male attempted to toss three decks of heroin out of the motor vehicle. As a result, he was placed under arrest and charged with possession of heroin. Then the detectives allege that once they requested proof of identification from the passenger, they noticed several grams of crack cocaine located inside her purse. She was arrested as well and charged with possession of crack cocaine. Also uncovered was $1,676 in cash.Read More