Trenton Resident Facing Domestic Violence Charges

Another act of domestic violence was reported in the City of Trenton late last week. This time, the Defendant, a twenty-two year old male, is alleged to have broken into the mother of his child’s home, which is located on Prospect Street. While doing so, not only did the Defendant allegedly assault the victim but also is said to have ransacked the entire home.

According to the reports from the Trentonian, the incident occurred Thursday evening around 8:15 pm when the Defendant randomly showed up at the victim’s home. The victim reports that she originally answered the door not knowing who was there. When she learned it was the Defendant, she attempted to shut the door, but he was still able to force entry. Once inside the home, the Defendant began choking the victim until another individual was finally able physically remove him from the home.

By the time that the police arrived, the Defendant had already fled the scene. However, by the end of the next day, the Defendant was picked up on the active warrant. He has formally charged with burglary in the third degree and simple assault, which is a disorderly person offense. Criminal mischief charges may be forthcoming as well. It is also unknown at this point in time whether or not the victim obtained a temporary restraining order.Read More