Another Rash of Car Burglaries in Trenton

Need Local Lawyer Near Me in Trenton For Burglary Charge has reported that Mercer County as a whole but more importantly Trenton has been dealing with a rash of car burglaries over the last several months. Based on the increase in crime, the City of Trenton has been deploying more and more resources in an effort to apprehend the individuals responsible for the car burglaries and it seems like they made they first major arrest last week. Officers Yusef Addar and Dionaldi Rodriquez were on patrol in East Trenton when they noticed an individual who matched the description of a suspect wanted for questioning for some of the recent burglaries. Based on their observations the officers pulled over the suspects vehicle. Upon speaking to him, they determined that he was in possession of marijuana and he was placed under arrest. A search of the motor vehicle was later conducted and it revealed that the defendant was in possession of several cell phones, coins, a small flashlight, and an emergency glass-breaking tool. Read More