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Whether you have been charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams or being the leader of a drug trafficking network in Mercer County, Proetta,Oliver & Fay can help. Our firm represents clients throughout Mercer County who are being charged with possession of drugs, distributing drugs, possessing drugs with the intent to distribute and manufacturing drugs. Regardless of the drug offense(s) that one may be facing, the applicable penalties are severe. They include the potential for a lengthy incarceration sentence, probation, community service, mandatory drug rehabilitation, high fines, license loss and a criminal record. With that being said, there are several diversionary programs that a client may be eligible for. These programs include the Conditional Discharge Program, the Pretrial Intervention Program and Drug Court. For more information on these programs please contact our office at (609) 789-0779.

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Mr. Oliver has dedicated his entire career to defending those accused of criminal offenses in courts throughout New Jersey, including Mercer County. Mr. Oliver has a tremendous amount of experience defending those accused of not only possessing drugs but also distributing them as well. He has represented clients that have been charged with some of the most serious drug offenses in New Jersey, including operating a drug manufacturing facility, being the leader of a drug trafficking network and first degree drug distribution. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug offense in Mercer County and would like a free initial consultation with Mr. Oliver please contact us (609) 789-0779. The attorneys at Proetta & Oliver serves all of Mercer County, including towns like Hamilton, Trenton, Lawrenceville, Princeton, West Windsor, East Windsor, Hightstown, Ewing and Robbinsville.

What You Need to Know About Drug Charges in NJ

If not handled properly, any of the following offenses listed below can drastically affect one’s future. Most drug crimes will be classified as indictable offenses, which is our version of a felony offense. In fact, the only drug offenses that are not considered felony offenses are the possession of marijuana under 50 grams, failure to turn over a controlled dangerous substance and loitering for the purpose to obtain a controlled dangerous substance. All other CDS cases will be considered felony offenses. Therefore, regardless of the amount of drug in question, all heroin, cocaine, molly, LSD, mushrooms, crystal meth, crack cocaine and fentanyl cases will be classified as a felony offense. What degree of a felony the individual faces will depend almost entirely on the quantity of the drug that was seized and the location of the seizure (i.e. drug or school zone).  It is imperative that you contact a Mercer County criminal defense attorney to begin building a case around your particular needs immediately.  Now here is a list of just some of the drug offenses that our firm handles.

Frequently Charged Drug Crimes in Mercer County

Are All Drug Offenses Considered Felony Crimes in NJ

Since all drug distribution cases are classified as felony offenses combined with the fact that New Jersey has now legalized marijuana, almost all drug cases will be considered indictable offenses (felony). That means that they will be transferred from the local Municipal Court and prosecuted in the Mercer County Superior Court, which is located in Trenton. The potential exposure that an individual faces will depend directly upon the degree of the offense charged and the Defendant’s prior criminal history. The exposure can range anywhere from six months in the Mercer County Jail all the way up to life in prison. The fines can be as little as $1,000 all the way up to $200,000. It goes without saying that these are very serious criminal charges and should not be taken lightly. A criminal drug conviction, let alone a custodial sentence, could drastically affect one’s future. It can certainly prevent them from ever possessing certain professional licenses, maintaining / gaining meaningful employment or even getting into college. For a free initial consultation today please contact us at (609) 789-0779.

Can the Police Seize My Assets For a Drug Case in NJ?

If law enforcement believes that specific items were either used during the commission of a crime (i.e. vehicle) or were fruits of the crime (i.e. cash) they can seize those items. In order to keep those items the county prosecutor must file for a forfeiture of those items. If that occurs, then a formal hearing must be conducted and it will be the prosecutions burden to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the items were either purchased by illegal proceeds or used to during the commission of the offense. This hearing will be separate and apart from any criminal charges and must be litigated in the Chancery Division of the Mercer County Superior Court. Typically speaking, these types of hearings are stayed pending the outcome of the criminal case and information derived from the forfeiture proceeding could be used against the individual in a criminal proceeding.

When Does the Judge Set Bail on a Drug Charge in Trenton?

The vast majority drug possession cases will be issued on what is known as a Complaint-Summons and the individual will not be required to post bail. Conversely, most drug distribution cases will be issued on a Complaint-Warrant and the individual will thus be subject to New Jersey’s Bail Reform Act. New Jersey now uses what is known as a risk assessment when it comes to determining what if any bail an individual should be granted. Once an individual is arrested and taken to the County Jail, pretrial services will conduct their risk assessment. This usually takes 24-48 hours. Once the assessment is complete the individual will be scheduled for their Central Judicial Processing Hearing (CJP). At this hearing the prosecutor will have to advise the Court whether they will be agreeing to release the individual on bail conditions or whether they will be filing for detention. If a detention motion is filed, then a formal hearing must take place and it will be up to the Judge to determine whether the individual will be released on bail or detained without bail.  For more information on what happens at a Detention Hearing in Mercer County, please click the link.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug offense in Mercer County you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. We represent clients charged with various drug offenses in Courts throughout Mercer County including courts like the Ewing Municipal Court, the Hamilton Municipal Court, the Lawrence Municipal Court, the Hightstown Municipal Court, the Robbinsville Municipal Court, the Trenton Municipal Court, the Pennington Municipal Court and the Mercer County Superior Court. If you would like to come into our office and have a face to face initial consultation with one of our attorneys then please contact us at (609) 789-0779. We fully understand that being charged with a criminal offense can be extremely nerve wracking. As a result, we are available 24/7 to help assist in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, you can email us any questions to.