Cocaine Charges issued in Trenton this Week

More than 150 Grams of Cocaine Seized in Trenton Drug Bust

Cocaine Charges Defense Attorneys in New JerseyFollowing what detectives are saying was a month long investigation, a thirty-one year old Trenton native has been formally charged. According to the reports, the Mercer County Task Force has arrested and charged the Defendant with various different drug offenses.  A search warrant was executed on his home, which is located on Emory ave on June 21, 2017. The execution of the warrant uncovered about 150 grams of powder and crack cocaine, a digital scale and packaging material. The cocaine has a street value of more than $7,500. It is unclear at this point in time what type of information was used in order to obtain a search warrant for the Defendant’s home, however, it most likely involved some form of either an undercover or confidential information buys. 

As a result of what the search warrant uncovered, the Defendant was most likely charged with the following offenses:

Based on the fact that the Defendant was caught with more than 1/2 ounce of cocaine but less than 5 ounces all his cocaine charges are second degree felony offenses. As such, he is facing up to a decade in prison on the possession of the cocaine with the intent to distribute charge alone. The Defendant has been taken to the Mercer County Jail where he remains detained.

Cocaine Distribution Charges in New Jersey

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