Aggravated Assault & Weapons Charges issued in Mercer County NJ

The Trenton Police Department has arrested and charged a twenty-three year old women with among other things, unlawful possession of a weapon. The Trenton Police department was initially called to the 100 Block of Eisenhower Ave on a report of a suspicious women carrying brandishing a weapon. When the police arrived on scene they were met by the first victim. She reported that she was sitting in her vehicle when an unknown women approached her vehicle and began kicking it. When she got out the vehicle to confront the suspect, she pulled out a knife and attempted to assault her with the knife. After a brief struggle, the suspect then fled the scene.Read More

Three Juveniles Arrested on Gun Charges in Ewing NJ

According to the reports, the Ewing Police Department has arrested and charge three juveniles with a several drug and weapons violations late last week. The charges stemmed from what the officers are claiming was a routine traffic stop. During the initial interaction, the officers on scene claimed that they smelled the scent of marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle. The smell of the marijuana gave the officers the probable cause that they needed to search the motor vehicle.

When the motor vehicle was searched, the officers uncovered a loaded .22 caliber handgun, a pellet gun and what they believed was marijuana. The three juveniles, two from Trenton and one from Ewing, were arrested and charged with the following offenses: Read More

Robbery & Weapons Charges Handed Down in Ewing NJ

Robbery Charges Defense Lawyers in New JerseyA forty-six year old Trenton man was arrested and charged with robbing a Ewing gas station last week. According to the reports that have been released, the Defendant pulled into the Romeco Service Center in Ewing around 9:30 pm and requested $10 in gas from the attendant. When the attendant turned to fulfill the request, the Defendant allegedly pulled a knife and demanded that the attendant turn over the money. Once the attendant turned over an unknown sum of money, the Defendant fled the scene. Read More