Ewing Police are Searching For Burglary Suspect

The Ewing Police Department is still investigating the burglary of a Metro PCS store that occurred last month. According to the reports, the suspect was rather brazing as he made entry into the Metro PCS on North Olden Avenue. It is alleged that he shattered the front window of the store to gain entry. Once climbing through the front window the suspected headed directly to the cash register, where he removes a sum of cash. The suspect then heads to the shelves and grabs a blue tooth speaker before exiting the store. The Ewing Police Department is still searching for the suspect and are asking the public for help. Apparently, at the time of the incident the suspect was wearing a red Arizona Cardinals hat. The entire incident is captured on surveillance video. If the suspect is ever apprehended he will most likely be charged with shoplifting in the third degree, burglary in the third degree, trespassing in the fourth degree, theft of moveable property in the third degree and criminal mischief in the third degree.Read More

Three Juveniles Arrested on Gun Charges in Ewing NJ

According to the reports, the Ewing Police Department has arrested and charge three juveniles with a several drug and weapons violations late last week. The charges stemmed from what the officers are claiming was a routine traffic stop. During the initial interaction, the officers on scene claimed that they smelled the scent of marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle. The smell of the marijuana gave the officers the probable cause that they needed to search the motor vehicle.

When the motor vehicle was searched, the officers uncovered a loaded .22 caliber handgun, a pellet gun and what they believed was marijuana. The three juveniles, two from Trenton and one from Ewing, were arrested and charged with the following offenses: Read More

Trenton NJ Heroin Possession Lawyers

Heroin Defense Lawyers in Trenton NJ The City of Trenton is no stranger to the heroin epidemic that has been sweeping through New Jersey over the last five years. In fact, it has become well known throughout the drug community as one of the hotspots for anyone trying to score heroin. Unfortunately, the Trenton Police Department is well aware of that to. Over the years they have really ramped up their patrol. In an effort to try and combat the epidemic that has been sweeping throughout the state, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office has taken a tough stance when it comes to prosecuting these types of offenses. If you have been arrested and charged with possession of heroin in Trenton it is crucial that you speak to an experienced Mercer County criminal defense attorney about your options. This is a serious offense, one that if not handled properly could land an individual behind bars for up to five years. At the Law Office of Proetta & Oliver we fully understand what is at stake when a Defendant is charged with possessing heroin. If you would like to come into our office for a consultation today then please contact us at (609) 789-0779. We can sit down and discuss the specific facts of your case and formulate a game plan that works best to fit your needs. Our attorneys are well equipped to defend these types of charges anyway that you see fit, whether that be a trial, suppression hearing or negotiating a favorable plea deal. These are serious charges and ones that should not be taken lightly. As always, our initial consultations are free of costs, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.Read More

Rash of Car Burglaries in Princeton NJ

The Princeton Police Department has announced that they are currently investigating a rash of car burglaries that occurred within the township earlier this week. According the reports, three cars were stolen and another five were broken into between late Sunday night an early Monday morning. A 2017 Toyota Highlander and a 2015 Mercedes Benz were stolen from the driveway of a home on Finley Road. Also, an 2009 Audi was stolen from the driveway of a home on Allison Street. It appears that every single one of the vehicles which were stolen not only were unlocked but also had the key located inside of them. Of the other four cars that were broken into, two of them were located on Mt. Lucas Road, another on Coniston Court and the last one on Hunter Road. So they were all located in very close proximity to one another. Of the four vehicles that were burglarized, it appears that they were also all unlocked but the keys were not located inside the vehicle. More often than not, these types of crimes are what is known as, crimes of opportunities. Meaning that although the area may have been preplanned, they normally only actually burglarize the vehicles which they find are unlocked. In other words, you can seek to prevent these types of crimes by simply making sure your vehicle is properly secured. Read More

Defendant Charged with Gun Offenses in Trenton NJ

Gun Defense Attorneys in Mercer Count NJThe Trenton Street Crime Detectives were at it again this weekend. This time they arrested and charged a thirty-three year old male from the City with weapons and motor vehicle offenses. According to the reports released at this point in time, the detectives became suspicious of the Defendant when they noticed that his car was parked on the sidewalk near Sanford Street. When they approached the Defendant’s vehicle they noticed that the Defendant was attempting to conceal something under his seat. Once the car was illuminated they noticed an open bottle of alcohol and a handgun by the Defendant’s feet. As a result he was removed from the car and arrested. He was formally charged with unlawful possession of a weapons, possession of a defaced firearm and several other motor vehicle infractionsRead More

Heroin Distribution Charges Issued in Mercer County NJ

An anonymous tip about an alleged man with a gun in Trenton leads to the arrest of two men. According to the reports, when the Trenton’s Street Crime Unit Detectives arrived on scene they noticed two men standing in an alleyway looking suspicious. At that point in time the officers allege that they illuminated them with their bright lights. In doing so the officer claim they observed the Defendants staring at what was in there hands. The detectives then claim that the Defendants fled the scene and a chase ensued. During the chase, the officers noticed the Defendants discarding items. Once the detectives where able to apprehended the Defendants the discovered that the items discarded where decks of heroin. Read More

Robbery & Weapons Charges Handed Down in Ewing NJ

Robbery Charges Defense Lawyers in New JerseyA forty-six year old Trenton man was arrested and charged with robbing a Ewing gas station last week. According to the reports that have been released, the Defendant pulled into the Romeco Service Center in Ewing around 9:30 pm and requested $10 in gas from the attendant. When the attendant turned to fulfill the request, the Defendant allegedly pulled a knife and demanded that the attendant turn over the money. Once the attendant turned over an unknown sum of money, the Defendant fled the scene. Read More

Endangering the Welfare of a Child & Sexual Assault Charges Issued in Mercer County

Sexual Assault Charge in New JerseyA forty-five year old male from Falls Township, Pa. was arrested and charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child in Trenton, New Jersey this week.The Defendant, who is a fourth grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School in Trenton, is alleged to have inappropriately grabbed the victim several times while they were in the classroom alone. The victim, who is nine years old, has indicated that the assaults occurred back in December of 2016. She went on to indicate that she failed to report the incidents until May of 2017 out of fear that the Defendant would have given her bad grades.Read More

Graves Act Waiver Secured & Defendant Accepted into PTI in NJ

Gun Charges Defense Lawyer in Mercer County New JerseyAn attorney at Proetta & Oliver was able to obtain a Graves Act waiver for one of his clients earlier this year. As a result of the waiver, the Defendant was able to be accepted into the Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) on an unlawful possession of a weapons charge. The case arises out of a motor vehicle stop where the Defendant was alleged to have been driving erratically. After being placed through several field sobriety tests, the Defendant was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. He was brought to the police station, processed and was awaiting the arrival of his sober driver pursuant to John’s Law. When the sober driver, his wife, arrived, she allegedly immediately request to know whether or not the Defendant had his gun on him. As a result of alleged conversation, the officers went back to the holding cell to question the Defendant about the alleged gun. It is at this point in time that the Defendant allegedly admits that there is a 9mm handgun located underneath the drivers seat of his motor vehicle. The Defendant was now formally charged with the following: Read More

Cocaine Charges issued in Trenton this Week

More than 150 Grams of Cocaine Seized in Trenton Drug Bust

Cocaine Charges Defense Attorneys in New JerseyFollowing what detectives are saying was a month long investigation, a thirty-one year old Trenton native has been formally charged. According to the reports, the Mercer County Task Force has arrested and charged the Defendant with various different drug offenses.  A search warrant was executed on his home, which is located on Emory ave on June 21, 2017. The execution of the warrant uncovered about 150 grams of powder and crack cocaine, a digital scale and packaging material. The cocaine has a street value of more than $7,500. It is unclear at this point in time what type of information was used in order to obtain a search warrant for the Defendant’s home, however, it most likely involved some form of either an undercover or confidential information buys. Read More