Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Distribute Charges in Trenton

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The Trenton Police Department was at it again this past week. According to the information released at this point in time by, Officers Steimle and Officer Szbanz were conducting “an operation” on Poplar Street in Trenton when they claim they observed the Defendant “stashing narcotics”. It is not clear at this point in time what the actual conduct was or where it took place. Based on their observations, they were able to conduct a search of the Defendant. During the search they were able to seize approximately 20 grams of suspected marijuana. As a result of their findings, the Defendant, a twenty-four year old male form Trenton, was arrested and charged with the possession of marijuana under 50 grams, the possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute in the fourth degree and the possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute within a park zone in the third degree.

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Aggravated Assault & Weapons Charges issued in Mercer County NJ

The Trenton Police Department has arrested and charged a twenty-three year old women with among other things, unlawful possession of a weapon. The Trenton Police department was initially called to the 100 Block of Eisenhower Ave on a report of a suspicious women carrying brandishing a weapon. When the police arrived on scene they were met by the first victim. She reported that she was sitting in her vehicle when an unknown women approached her vehicle and began kicking it. When she got out the vehicle to confront the suspect, she pulled out a knife and attempted to assault her with the knife. After a brief struggle, the suspect then fled the scene.Read More

Hightstown NJ Liquor Store Robbed a Gun Point

Armed Robbery Lawyers in Mercer County NJ

Armed Robbery Lawyers in Mercer County NJThe Hightstown Police Department is searching for the suspect alleged to have robbed a liquor store around 5pm yesterday. According to the information released at this point in time, the suspect entered the Hightstown Liquor & Wine store around 4:40 pm and pointed a semi automatic handgun at one of the employees and demanded that they turn over the money in the register. The suspect then fled the scene with approximately $600 in cash. The employee suffered minor injures as a result of a fall he took while emptying the register. The suspect was able to the flee the scene without being captured. In fact, the Hightstown Police Department is still actively searching for the suspect. Read More

Hightstown PD Issue DWI Charges for Robbinsville School Board President

The Hightstown Police Department has announced that they have arrested and charged the Robbinsville School Board President with driving under the influence as well as several other ancillary charges. According to the details that have been released at this point, the Defendant was pulled over in Hightstown around 8:30 Sunday evening for an alleged motor vehicle infraction. The incident took place in the vicinity of Hightstown High School. It has yet to be reported but it is presumed that once the Defendant was pulled over at some point in time he was removed from his vehicle in order to perform the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, also known as SFST’s the legal profession. These test are used in an effort to gage whether the officers have enough probable cause in order to arrest the suspect and request that they submit a breath sample.

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Hamilton NJ Man Charged with Robbery & Weapons Offenses

Robbery Defense Attorneys in Mercer County NJAccording to, Hamilton Detective, Michael Kelvy said “it was was a little luck and a lot of vigilance on the part of officers Jordan Glassman and Mark Straszewski” he went on to state that “they did a phenomenal job”. Based on the reports that have been released at this point in time, the officers were able to apprehend a resident who was alleged to have been in the process of committing a robbery of a local 7-Eleven at the time of his apprehension. The Hamilton police officers were already on the lookout for the Defendant based on his failed efforts to rob a nearby Quick Check that was also located in Hamilton just a short time before the incident in question. When the officers were patrolling the area they have reported that they noticed the Defendant, who matched the description from the previous attempted robbery, inside the 7-Eleven. That is when the officers turned around and entered the store. When the entered the store, the clerk shouted, “that’s him”. The officers were able to quickly apprehend the Defendant and in doing so they discovered that he was in possession of a claw hammer, a robbery demand note and a car key. The car key is what allowed the officers to discovery his alleged accomplice. When the officers noticed that there was no other cars located in the parking lot, they canvased the area looking for the vehicle. Once they located the vehicle, they were able to apprehend the Defendant’s accomplice.

Arrested For Robbery in Mercer County NJ?

The Defendant was arrested and formally charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose in the third degree, unlawful possession of a weapon in the third degree and robbery in the first degree. The individual located inside the vehicle was charged with the robbery as well under the accomplice theory. Both Defendants were taken to the Mercer County Jail and are pending a formal detention hearing. At the Detention Hearing the prosecution will be seeking to detain the Defendants in the Mercer County Jail without bail, pending trial. In order to do so, the prosecution must establish by clear and convincing evidence, that in order to protect society, assure the Defendant’s appearance in court and/or to prevent the Defendant from obstructing the prosecution of their case, that they must be detained without bail. This is a new tool the prosecution has been able to use since the bail reforms in January 2017. These hearings can and always should be contested. If you would like to speak to one of our Mercer County criminal defense lawyers about your options then please contact us at (609) 789-0779.  If the Defendant is convicted of the robbery charge alone, they would be facing up to twenty (20) years in prison. To make matters worse, robbery falls under the No Early Release Act (NERA). NERA in essence requires a Defendant to serve at least of 85% of their sentence before they can become eligible for parole.


Defendant Facing Gun Charges Accepted into PTI in NJ

Trenton NJ Gun Charges LawyersMr. Oliver, one of the firms founding partners, represented a client that was arrested and charged with among other things possession of a handgun and possession of hallow point bullets. The charges stemmed from a motor vehicle stop where it was alleged that the client was speeding. Since the client was from out of state the officers began questioning him with regards to where he was coming from and heading too. During the questioning, the client admitted that located inside his vehicle was a handgun. As a result of his admissions, the Defendant was removed from his vehicle and a search was conducted. The search revealed a 9mm handgun and to make matters worse, the gun was determined to be loaded with hallow point bullets.

Based on their findings, the client was charged with an individual who was charged with the unlawful possession of a weapon, in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5b which is a crime of the second degree and possession of hallow nose bullets, in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:39-3f, which is a crime of the fourth degree. The handgun charge falls under the Graves Act in New Jersey. The Graves Act in essence requires a Defendant to serve not only a mandatory term of incarceration but the term must also be subject to a parole ineligibility period as well.  So at a minimum, the Defendant was facing five (5) years in prison with a forty-two parole ineligibility period. Read More

Gun and Marijuana Charges in Ewing NJ

A routine traffic stop in Ewing Township ends with a twenty-three year old being arrested and charged with among other things unlawful possession of a handgun. According to the reports, the Defendant was pulled over for a routine traffic stop at Princeton and North Olden Avenue. After a brief conversation with the officer, the officer claim he determined that the Defendant was in possession of marijuana. Based on that, the Defendant was asked to step outside the vehicle so that he could be placed under arrest. It was at this point in time that the Defendant attempted to pull away from the officer and flee the scene. The Defendant was quickly apprehended and it was at that point in time it was determined that he had a .32 caliber handgun in his waistband. Read More

Marijuana Possession Charges Dismissed in NJ

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Marijuana Possession Attorneys Lawrence NJAnother marijuana possession case dismissed for one of the clients of the Law Office of Proetta & Oliver. Mr. Oliver, one of the firms founding partners, just resolved a marijuana possession case wherein which it was alleged that their client was in possession of marijuana under 50 grams. The charges stemmed from what the arresting officer was claiming was a “routine traffic stop”.  When the arresting officer approached the Defendant’s vehicle, he alleged that he saw several packages of Cigarillo’s and loose tobacco guts covering the passenger seat. The officer then when on to state in his reports that the Defendant was acting “extremely nervous” when being asked “routine” questions. Based on the Defendant’s alleged nervousness and the readily apparent “drug paraphernalia” located on the passengers seat, the officers asked the Defendant to step outside the vehicle for further questioning. When outside the vehicle, the officer sought permission from the Defendant to search the interior of the vehicle. When the Defendant refused to give consent, the officer’s claimed that they had probable cause to search the vehicle regardless of the Defendant’s consent. A search of the Defendant’s vehicle was conducted. Located inside the vehicle was several empty baggies alleged to at one point in time contained marijuana. Based on the baggies, the Defendant was placed under arrest. Furthermore, a search incident to arrest revealed that the Defendant had several grams of marijuana located in his sock.Read More

22 Cars Burglarized in Ewing NJ in one Night

The Ewing Police Department is investigating a rash of car burglaries that took place in the township on August 2. According to the reports, at least twenty-two different cars were burglarized that evening in Ewing. Five of the cars were located on Forest Lane, four where located on Lochatong Road and Perry Lane, three where located on Willis Drive, two where located on Aquetong Lane, one was located on Montague Lane, Seven Oaks Lane, Twinning Lane and Willowood Drive. It appears that all of the twenty-two vehicles burglarized were unlocked at the time of the incidents. The suspects basically took whatever they could get their hands on, including sunglasses, electronics, wallets and purses. If the suspects are ever apprehended they will most likely be charged with burglary in the third degree, theft in the third degree, trespassing and criminal mischief, if anything was damaged. At this point in time the Ewing Police Department is actively investigating the case and is asking for anyone with any information to please come forward, including anyone who may have home surveillance footage. Read More

Endangering the Welfare of a Child Charge Issued in Trenton NJ

Endangering the Welfare of a Child in Trenton NJAn altercation between a security guard at Jefferson Elementary School in Trenton ends with the security guard being arrested. According to the reports, the Defendant, a twenty-two year old female from Trenton, has been arrested and charged with among other things, endangering the welfare of a child. The charges stem from an incident back in June where it is alleged that the Defendant punched and scratched the neck of a third grade student. The charges were filed by the child’s mother on July 5th, however, the Defendant was not formally arrested until this past Thursday. The Defendant was most likely brought down to the police station to be processed and released on a summons. As opposed to being detained in the Mercer County Jail pending a Detention Hearing. Read More